Gosforth and GNR

We remain concerned about Newcastle City Council’s plans for Gosforth. As there are various outstanding questions https://newcycling.org/gosforth-transport-corridor-proposals) – and we haven’t heard from them for months. Yet the devil is undoubtedly in the detail. In order to inspire – maybe it’s inspiration that’s needed – we’ve put together some roadscapes. Council, are you listening?

This is what GNR could look like.

Broadway Gosforth

Bus stops may require some further thoughts. But this is not insurmountable. For comparison the dreary reality of car-centricism, dreadful walking, and no bike provision whatsoever. This is a double-lane 30mph stretch with known speeding (hence the speed camera). You go further North, across Broadway roundabout, you are asked to take your life in your own hands on a 40mph speed limit. No joy for cycling, but a route to school. This is the advice Sustrans gives when enticing more to cycle to school with a free biking breakfast “N.B. The responsibility for your child cycling safely to and from school rests with the parent(s)/carer(s). The school has no liability for any consequences of that decision.” Says it all?

Broadway - current

We even put together a quick video for Council – showing the before & after of our virtual makeover. Continuous cycle provision across Harewood, combined with ‘necking-down’ of the bell-shaped entrance (for lower and safer turning speed) and a pedestrian crossing. For further safety this could be placed on a raised table.

Here it is.

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  1. Nice to see the path is off the road.

    Why is the crossing so close to the junction? Won’t that mean cars will stop across the bike path forcing cyclists on to the road and then have a kerb to negotiate to get back off?

    I like the narrow junctions though, slower speeds and should discourage overtaking cyclists on the corners as there is less room. Hopefully the white sections would be paving rather than paint?

    Are the plans JUST for the Gosforth section of GNR, or do they extend further? it would be nice to think this isn’t going to be fragmented or disjointed.

    What ‘parking’ facilities were they planning? If people could leave their bike in safety then they could go shopping on the high street (obviously). 

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