George reports from Dublin

Dublin : Making Tracks

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Here’s a picture of improvements in Dublin I spotted on a working trip. The usual white line has been replaced by a kerb & the cycle track is 2 way. This is alongside the Grand Canal (Herbert Place), great place, if only the weather were warmer… I always feel that Dublin is a similar size to Newcastle/Gateshead. Although with all the extra facilities of a capital; they do things so much better. I don’t think they had cycle provision 20 years ago.

The whole city seems pretty bike friendly with loads of on-road lanes and several similar to the photos below. They seem happy to take road space from cars and give it to bikes. Dublin’s cycle routes are “joined up”, you can ride out of Dublin city centre, then turn right and ride along the Grand Canal which is a sort of, inner ring road (& canal).

Certainly if you look at Herbert Place, Dublin, on google street view, it looks like our Irish neighbours have replaced parking with a “proper” cycle track.

Perhaps they should come over here and give/sell the UK councils their knowledge and experience.

Below photos show that Dublin has recently started work on reallocating road space away from motor cars.

Photo 1 : Grand Canal Street Upper
Dublin: Grand Canal Street

Photo 2 : Herbert Place
Dublin: Grand Canal