Show your support to the « Get Britain Cycling » report

Earlier this year, we sent our views to the Cross-party Parliamentary inquiry about cycling , triggered by the Times City Fit for Cycling campaign. Well, the summary report is out ! The recommendations are spot on so please show your support by adding your name to the petition asking for prompt implementation:

We are very pleased to see the report calling for:
– An annual cycling budget equivalent to £10 per head of population – quite an increase on the current spend of less than £2 per person
– Strong political leadership at national and local levels
– Justice for cyclists though better reinforcement of road traffic law
– The redesign of roads, streets and communities and reallocation of road space for people
– Improving local expertise amongst planners, engineers and architects to think bike in all their work

The report recommends government to adopt cycling targets: an increase of cycle use from less than 2% of journeys in 2011, to 10% of all journeys in 2025, and 25% by 2050.

This landmark report (a summary is also available) is good news for our Campaign who has made similar recommendations and recently announced its priorities for better streets for people.

Because it’s about time streets are made safe enough for everyone, please sign the Times’ petition and spread the word – they need 100,000 signatures to trigger a debate in Parliament.