Newcastle Fit for Cycling

Today we sent our support to Newcastle City Council vying for £5.6m for the City with seven other Core Cities. By doing so we have joined a host of illustrious supporters ranging from politicians, businesses to groups and organisations. The bid would financially cover the first two years of Newcastle’s 10-year Cycle Plan. The money would be welcome to realise Newcastle’s bold ambition to make our City Fit for Cycling and it would mean that £10 per person could be spent on cycling infrastructure – which is in line with expenditure of European cycling ‘starter countries’. We understand that the ‘Newcastle Fit for Cycling’ if awarded would see the reallocation of road space and would help towards putting people first, and in particular

• start the installation of the Strategic Cycle Routes taking road space (roadspace reallocation) and making it into safe space for cycling, using tested and proven best design principles

• create livable neighbourhoods by design such as road repurposing by reducing rat-runs, installing contraflows on one-way streets and speed reductions

• and revitalise the City Centre by implementing the 1Plan, reorganising car parking and creating people spaces, and create a long-awaited North-South route through the urban core

It could see the creation of safe cycling conditions on Tankerville Terrace [see inset]. Our fingers are crossed for the delivery of the Cycle Plan which would be kick-started by the bid, were it to be successful. We wish Newcastle City Council the best of luck.

The official supporting letter Newcycling_CCAFsupportletter.

UPDATE 1 May 2013 – You can download a copy of the bid and all the supporting documents at: