Acorn Road futures

We are part of the Acorn Road planning group. So here’s an update from Jesmond where views and ideas have been exchanged and a plan starts to take form:

Since June 2012, a community group constituted of local residents, campaigning groups, traders and local City Councillors has been meeting to look at ways of improving Acorn Road which is the hub of Jesmond’s social and economic life both as a shopping street and a place to meet.

There are many concerns expressed by residents about difficulties in parking, in driving up the street, in using the pavements and in crossing. But previous plans for improvement have floundered be cause they have been opposed by too many local people. Proposals for pedestrianisation have not been supported and the main call from traders is to have more car parking, yet this seems impossible in practical terms.

The group attempts to reach an innovative solution which would benefit the majority of Acorn Road users whilst being in tune with modern thinking about street design and environmental sustainability.

These are the introductory words to a fuller report (7 pages long) which is attached below.

Please come along to the event on 23 May