Fenham Hall Drive – Formal consultation reply

Sadly time was running out so that…

We feel obliged to OBJECT to the scheme on the original grounds given at the technical consultation stage (https://newcycling.org/news/20120816/fenham-hall-drive-consultation-response/).

In addition, we wish to express our most sincere disappointment that the council could not make available basic and vital scheme documents (road safety audit and plans) in time to allow us proper examination. This is despite our requesting them early on in the statutory consultation period ending 6 March (plans: 8 February and audit: 12 February). That request was recently reinforced by Councillor.

To improve trust and future working relations and design outcomes, we urgently seek a meeting with the relevant cabinet member and director to discuss

• general process (transparency, community input and engagement) used for traffic order consultations
• technical design principles of the scheme

Please note, that as a volunteer-run community group we will usually only be able to attend meetings after 17:00.

One other way to advance this would be to revive a scrutiny question which was previously shelved and left unanswered. https://newcycling.org/news/20110102/scrutiny-question. I think it is most relevant, still.