Cycling to West Jesmond School

Our local group ‘Jesmond Safe Cycling’ met with staff of West Jesmond Primary School to discuss the road environment along Tankerville Terrace, such as congestion during the “school run”, inconsiderate car parking (school drop-offs) and intimidating cycling conditions. There is a clear and general concern over drop-off points, some of which has been highlighted in the BBC documentary Any future changes should benefit parents and children who wish to walk and cycle to school by alleviating traffic and managing car parking.

Over the past months, ‘Jesmond Safe Cycling’ has developed a cycle plan, and has looked at safe routes in Jesmond These practical routes – to schools and shops – have been endorsed by all Jesmond Councillors and are the subject of discussion with officers at the present time.

For Tankerville Terrace one idea would be to retain residents parking on the East side, but remove the paid car parking from the West side and put the space gained to bicycle use. A division to separate the cycle lane from the road would be seen as beneficial and afford protection from motor traffic. Possible improvements to the top end of Tankerville Terrace, where it turns into Brentwood Avenue crossing Forsyth Road, and making it safer for children were also mentioned.

The other two schools – Church High and Central High – should be approached for their opinion. The two schools are merging and building works will be underway soon. It was suggested that further evidence is gathered and discussion be held. A car parking survey would be carried out in the morning to investigate the concern further. So, some more info and data to be gathered, some more people to be contacted.

Above all, we are trying to create a safe space for parents to confidently let their children walk and cycle along.

Tankerville Terrace