AGM – making campaigning priority

Scores of cycling advocates will again descend on the Cycle Hub to talk shop.

The Newcastle Cycling Campaign calls its members to gather once more. The AGM is to be held on 19 March 18:00 at the classy ‘The Cycle Hub’ at Ouseburn Quayside. Discussions will centre around priorities, with a draft having been announced in advance of the meeting. The proposed campaigning direction, not surprisingly, concerns working with policy and decision makers to get behind a people-friendly city with safe cycle space and better public places in Newcastle and Tyneside.

The Cycle Hub has hosted all the Campaign’s members meetings in 2012/13 and has proved a galvanising focal point for the cycling community. The Campaign organised debates at The Cycle Hub and gave a platform to national and local speakers outlining bike facts and and showcasing opinions and views. Debates turned out to be successful, popular and lively, and the venue warm and welcoming.

Katja Leyendecker, Chair says “With the Cycle City Ambition fund enabling Newcastle to bid for £5m for cycling infrastructure, strong advocacy and a clear voice become more and more important for the success of the city. We will step up a gear and through publicising our priorities we make it even clearer what we want to see happen. Now Newcastle City Council has to step up to the plate and fulfil their side of the promise of a Cycle City with Strategic Cycle Routes, through their technical and political input. It’s bated breath time.

“Our annual meeting is open to everyone, but the main purpose is for our members to discuss and fine-tune the Campaign’s direction. It is made clear in the Cycle City Ambition bid guidance that space must be removed from car use and given over to bicycle use. A strong alliance with pedestrian organisations such as Living Streets is key to the success.

“There’s always a make-or-break feel about a cycling future and we provide a constant reminder of the benefits cycling can bring. Smart for health, happy and socially aware, economically astute. We are here to make sure this good thing will happen.”


Katja Leyendecker 07828 60 4349
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