AGM 2013 – Better streets for cycling

The Cycle Hub was packed on Tuesday 19 March 2013 to ‘talk cycling’ at our AGM. We had a lively debate on membership, cycling infrastructure design, and the campaign priorities – oh and we formed our new management committee. While Claire Prospert, Katja Leyendecker and Scott Dawson signed up for another year, three new people also joined the committee: Dorothy Craw, Roderick Joyce and Shannon Robalino.

These are the key points discussed:

Membership – proud to have 750 members, mixed views about re-introducing fees which would also mean a considerable admin resource to be necessary – so we decided to keep free membership and promote online donations (yes, now you can give online!) and corporate membership.

Designing for cycling – Tom Bailey from Sustrans talked about types of streets and networks and how to make neighbourhoods such as Heaton more people-friendly by creating a build environment conducive to cycling and walking. Tom posed this question to the audience: Should we lobby for a city-wide policy against rat running? Food for thought.

Great North Cycleway – Scott gave a quick update on the audit we carried out of this key city-centre route. How can we make John Dobson Street safer for cycling? Looked like the women in the audience would rather have separated space for cycling. The city centre is going through major re-think and big future developments are planned. Maybe money is not a huge stumbling block but is there the will to really integrate cycling and do we even have the local technical expertise to design and build for cycling?

Campaign priorities – agreed at AGM

For next year:
– work with decision makers to influence policies and thinking
– keep a super watchful eye on the SCR development
– a safe North-South Route through the city centre, with more road space for – cycling on John Dobson Street (as Northumberland Street out-of-bounds)
– one-way streets to be opened up to contraflow cycling
– city centre traffic lights to be made cycle-friendly including green wave phasing at cycle-speed, countdowns and headstarts
– to progress a liveable neighbourhood for Jesmond

– a Liveable City Conference to be held

As always, please get in touch if you’d like to lead on an activity/project under the umbrella of the Campaign. There is interest in reviving the North Tyneside branch, but we need a co-ordinator/leader. Engineers, streetscape / cityscape architects, public realm professionals – all welcome to contribute to the Campaign!

Roll on 2013/2014!!