Monthly Archive: March 2013

Our Priorities for 2012/13

With our aim to create a cycle-friendly city with a deep-rooted and flourishing cycling culture, our objectives are to improve the cycling infrastructure in and around Newcastle and champion and promote cycling. Keeping a focus on our local priorities, below,…
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An eyetest for Gateshead

Discussion on our sister website GatesheadCycling sometimes goes into a spin on the subject of cycling numbers in Gateshead. So it’s worth noting that recently we were reminded by the census that Gateshead is far from seeing a cycling revolution….
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Cycling to West Jesmond School

Our local group ‘Jesmond Safe Cycling’ met with staff of West Jesmond Primary School to discuss the road environment along Tankerville Terrace, such as congestion during the “school run”, inconsiderate car parking (school drop-offs) and intimidating cycling conditions. There is…
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