Gosforth – Joint ward commitee meeting – have your say

Joint Parklands, East and West Gosforth ward committee to find out about the proposals for cycling in Gosforth. This is the event re-run, not to be confused with the previous event that council officers could not attend due to weather,

We hope members can come along, give their support and help make Gosforth a better place for all.

Contact Anne.Clark@newcastle.gov.uk (council cycling officer) or Victoria.Powell@newcastle.gov.uk (ward coordinator) for further information.

We’ve requested to see the plans a while back, but disappointingly we have not received any to date (9 February 2013). Here’s a summary we’ve been given by Bill.

The agenda includes
• Traffic improvements (including Broadway West, Regent Centre, Salters Road junctions and The High Street)
• Cycle routes (proposed route along Great North Road, Christon Road, Alwinton Terrace, Moor Road North/South)
• The High Street and Trinity Square changes

The drop-in session starts at 6pm. You can look at the plans and ask questions. The meeting itself starts at 6.30pm. It will consist of “round table discussion session on schemes”. There are major changes in the offing.

Some of the good things being proposed are improved cycling facilities along a route from Broadway West Great North Road, Christon Road then along Moor Road North and South. Please strongly support those.

Some negative changes include ‘on street parking’ on the High Street, and the Trinity Square proposals which include chopping down some of the trees and paving over half the grassed area outside the church. Please speak against those if you can.

A major change will be the realignment of the Salters Road/High Street/Station Road junction which will pass through the middle of the current car park at the bottom of Salters Road.