Gateshead Cycling Strategy – Our Response

Towards the end of 2012 Gateshead council released their new Cycling Strategy for consultation.

Over the past couple of months we have gone through the new strategy, and have decided that as it currently stands we must object to it. For this reason we have written to Gateshead Council to object and outline our main issues with the strategy asking for them to improve it. Our full response can be read here (pdf)

Our main concern with the strategy is that it lacks the vision that would lead to Gateshead becoming a place where anybody could cycle without fear, and the use of infrastructure that would enable this and which would lead to a major increase in the number of people cycling in the borough and surrounding areas.

In November 2011 Newcastle City Council adopted a new Cycling strategy with a great ambition “to develop a cycling culture where 20% of all trips under five miles are undertaken by cycle by 2021.” With the objection raised we hope Gateshead Council take note and use this as an opportunity to change the new cycling strategy to one that demonstrates a will to work towards similar or greater goal to the one in Newcastle.

Image courtesy of NewcastleGateshead Image Library