Traffic Management Proposals : Conversion/Designation of No Car Lanes to Bus Lanes

To: Newcastle City Council
Cc: Newcastle MPs, relevant Councillors, Sustrans, CTC

Dear ‘Sirs’

Cycling in the city centre is difficult and dangerous, not least of all due to the lack of clarity over road space. A petition in 2010 stressed that very clearly ( There are many things that will have to change to make Newcastle’s city centre fit for people, regain/retain economic vitality and play its uniqueness to its advantage.

Overall, we are in support for a simplification of the current lane system as it would improve space clarity and abandons the cluttered and clustered approach to lane designation which is very unclear to the user and frequently results in infringements. We’d also take the opportunity to highlight that whilst the no-car to bus lane conversion would improve safety for current cyclists (as the number of competing vehicles surrounding them would be reduced), the concept of sharing space with heavy vehicles like buses will not get new people cycling. More road space allocation, bus route rationalisation and clearer speed designation (blanket 20) would be required for that to happen. It’s unlikely that the conversion would cause major changes in traffic flow – it could result, however, in better planned and coordinated deliveries which would be appreciated. The conversion would also harmonise and clarify enforcement powers it appears, which is welcome.

Can we ask to be informed about progress with this proposal.

Hopefully you’ll find our comments useful.


Added 8 March 2013 for info: best practice PRESTO sheet
or, when unavailable this link