Skidding! Walker goes Biking

Leading on from our rather positive article “Walker goes biking” – it now seems that your help is urgently needed, as heavy opposition is mounting against new cycle lanes proposed for the strategic cycle route in Walker, Newcastle. Not only does the opposition fail to give clear reasons, we are also very concerned by its anti-cycling nature and tone.

We were involved in the design of the Walker route and although the final plans could be better, they do have our support.

Read the text against the cycle lane here: “We the undersigned, are totally opposed to the “mandatory with flow” cycle lanes being proposed to be introduced on Welbeck Road. Whilst welcoming the proposed safety measures i.e. zebra crossings etc we do not see why they should be conditional upon having cycle lane introduced. We call upon Newcastle City Council to withdraw this cycling lane proposal forthwith.”

Individual action is required by expressing your support of the cycle lane and writing to Newcastle City Council – every letter of support counts! See suggested text below. Please email to by 1 February 2013. Please bcc/cc the Campaign ( in. We’ll keep track of numbers.

And please pass on the message to anyone who might be interested!

Update 16 December 2012. We’ve replied to the “informal” consultation press release.

Update 20 January 2013. We’ve also written to bicycle-friendly Councillors to support the proposal, and written a press release.

Update 25 January 2013. It has been confirmed that £175,000 of external cycle funding has been lost due to the delay caused by the anti-cycle-lane Councillors.

Update 1 February 2013. We submitted our formal consultation to the “formal traffic order”. here.

Update 4 February 2013. “Campaigners angry at loss of funds for cycle scheme”, read article here.

= = = = = = = = Suggested text starts here – please feel free to edit = = = = = = = =

Dear Traffic Notices

I am in full support of the proposed “Welbeck Road Area – Proposed Cycle Lanes and Prohibition of Waiting”, ref GH/P44/951. I am particularly in favour of cycling improvements as a road safety measure and therefore pleased to see cycle lanes in the proposal for the following reasons.

The cycle lanes on Welbeck Road:

– are essential for children and families to get to the school safely
– offer protection to cyclists and will encourage new people to cycle
– provide space clarity and reduce conflict between road users
– will help Newcastle City Council achieve its target to increase cycling tenfold in ten years
– will help the Tyne and Wear Integrated Transport Authority achieve its Local Transport Plan policies
– will reduce health and economic inequalities which starkly exist in the East end

Although it is only a painted line on the road, it will help current and new cyclists.
Kind regards