Budget 2013-16 proposal – response

First of all we’d like to say a big Thank-You for setting aside a budget for the Strategic Cycle Routes in the capital programme. This is greatly appreciated and a really good start to get matters moving towards a more healthy and resilient city.

Investment in cycling infrastructure has many direct and indirect benefits. It is a preventative method that will generate environmental, social and economic returns in the medium and long terms for the city and its residents.

– We note that nearly the entire city centre is part of the ADZ allocation. Public realm improvements are important to make Newcastle inclusive, modernise its appeal, and revitalise the local economy. We noted when reviewing “East Pilgrim Street” development plans that they were lacking cycling commitments and were wondering whether cycling could be strengthened in the EPS plans.
– No “Civic Boulevard” improvements are mentioned in the proposal, resulting in John Dobson Street being seemingly omitted from the budget. However and in absence of cycling provision on Northumberland Street, it is John Dobson Street which has been earmarked as a viable and safe North-South cycle route through the city centre. Could this be rectified in the capital programme?
– We note that traffic light phasing will be reviewed. We would ask for cycle-friendly measures such as green wave at cycle speed 12 mph, head starts, permanent green left and count-downs to be included.

– Webpage / context http://www.newcastle.gov.uk/your-council/budget-and-annual-report/budget-proposals-2016
– Document http://www.newcastle.gov.uk/sites/drupalncc.newcastle.gov.uk/files/wwwfileroot/your-council/budget_and_annual_report/appendix_1-_revenue_and_capital_plan_2013-16_0.pdf

Kind regards
Chair, Newcastle Cycling Campaign