Bikes on Metro – Looking Forward

Over the last year the Newcastle Cycling Campaign has been working with a number of other local groups to make recommendations to the Nexus board regarding the Metro and Bikes. On 10th January the Nexus board met and considered the proposals put forward by the group, the outcome of which is below.

  • Carriage of bikes on the Metro – The Nexus board shares our “aspiration to allow carriage of full-size bicycles on Metro” and they have requested that further evaluation is carried out to determine whether bikes can be safely carried on the Metro, and the possibility of this being included as part of the All Change programme.
  • Cycle parking at Metro Stations – The board have agreed to improving cycle parking at metro stations.
  • Cycle hire at Metro stations – The board have agreed to help facilitate cycle hire at metro stations, where an organisation is interested in providing bike hire.
  • Information, Signage and Promotion of Cycling and Metro for integrated journeys – The board have agreed to providing Information, Signage and Promoting Cycling and Metro.

We are happy to see that the Nexus board have agreed to look into the possibility of carrying bikes on the Metro, and this is a great step forward.
The agreements on the other 3 points, show that Nexus is committing to providing for cycling as part of an integrated journey with Metro.
Hopefully in the near future we will be allowed to take our bikes on the Metro.

A copy of the letter from Bernard Garner is attached that covers the details discussed in this article.

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