What’s preventing British people from cycling?

This is the question asked by the All Party Cycling Parliamentary group and their call for “evidence” closed early December. The Times Cities Fit for Cycling carried out an online survey to find out what the main barriers to cycling are. 14,000 people replied and the lack of cycling infrastructure came top of the list. In particular people said they would cycle more if there were for segregated cycle lanes and simpler and safer junctions.

For the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain the main barriers to cycling are “the conditions on the roads, and hence the lack of any real feeling of safety for the majority of people and the majority of journeys, and secondarily inconvenience and abnormality.”
They have suggested that “current transport policy should be turned on its head, to make cycling safe, easy and comfortable, and the obvious mode of transport for short urban trips, while conversely making car use abnormal for travel around urban areas.”

The Campaign’s response can be found at https://newcycling.org/news/20121205/parliamentary-inquiry