Technical consultation – Walker – our reply

From: Newcastle Cycling Campaign Newcycling
Date: 16 December 2012
Subject: Fwd: Traffic Management Proposals : Proposed Waiting Restrictions on Welbeck Road

Dear all


We support and welcome the proposals to improve cycling conditions – and indeed public realm in general – along the Welbeck corridor in Walker. This is excellent news for residents, shops and schools (amongst others) along that stretch, as well as local people of the surrounding wards and areas. Everyone should embrace this fantastic development with open arms. We are therefore unsure why Cllr David Wood feels he wants to hold up the process on the grounds that there isn’t sufficient detail in the technical consultation.

Engagement with the community has taken place, and the technical proposal is representative of the outlines and details discussed. We wish to take the opportunity to re-assure him that this is the case. We’d further like to assure him that there has been plenty of opportunities to contribute and get involved in discussions leading up to this technical consultation.

He – as chair of the ITA – should also be very aware of LTP3 commitments towards cycling including the development of cycling networks across Tyne & Wear.

It’s worth a mention here, that we should have an immense sense of urgency for these improvements to happen quickly, not least of all to meet Newcastle’s Cycle Plan and its 20% target of journeys, creating the conditions for new people to cycle and for families to consider using a bike as a viable and safe option to get around. The unanimous approval of the plan was heartening to witness early 2012, as was the endorsement by full Council of our Cycling Manifesto late 2011. The proposal in front of us is in line with both the plan and the manifesto.

Consideration must also be given to funding restrictions, as these might be tied to specific dates for delivery. Sustrans may be able to add more detail.

In summary, the wider policy framework is in place, so that the proposals vastly over-ride singular ward issues. It is for all these good reasons listed above, that we ask Cllr David Wood to retract his request for a suspension.

The officers’ proposals are good, but should also go much further, such as better provision for cyclists at crossings and junctions, amongst other details. And we understand council officers are looking at that in the near future.

I trust this makes sense to everyone.

Chair, Newcastle Cycling Campaign (twitter) (facebook)

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