Cities Fit for Cycling campaign moves up a gear

Nine months after launching the Cities Fit for Cycling campaign, The Times takes stock. The 8-point manifesto to make cycling safer is reviewed and the conclusions are clear: not good enough. The government needs to do much more to tackle the issues and make decent progress: levels of funding earmarked for cycling infrastructure in particular are too low to make a real difference on the ground.

A parliamentary inquiry “Get Britain cycling” will look at safety issues, amongst other things, and will report back in spring 2013. It will inform how previous commitment can be turned into action and cut the road death toll.

What can you do? 36,000 people have already shown their support to the Cities Fit for Cycling campaign. Just complete the quick survey and encourage others – in particular those who don’t cycle to do the same. Your views will be fed into the parliamentary inquiry. You can also send your cycling story to

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