October 2012 – newsletter


30 September 2012

Claire, Kat, Scott, and Tan contributed this month’s news items. Happy reading!

Summer of Cycling – tell us your story

ACTION Remember this? Youtube link http://youtu.be/ipHEHayNK5c So how did it go? Give us your story of finding a bike buddy. Or maybe your bike buddy would like to tell theirs. We are after some quick soundbites of your recent cycling experience. Couple of sentences will do. Be as nice or a critical as you like.

Awareness Training – Get them cycling, make them understand!

We are talking to Cycle Training UK (CTUK) who are running cycle awareness training courses for HGV drivers in the Hackney Borough (case study attached, below) to learn from their experience and bring their courses up to the North East.

Wanted: pedal power

Thanks to a grant from the SMK and Esmée Fairbairn Foundations, we produced some fab promotional materials for the Campaign. We hope you will like our leaflets and posters (we also have a big banner we can use for events!). Another big thank you goes to Matt Jones from BinaryStar who did the design and quite a few other things for us!!

A week of meetings, and a festival

Some eyes and ears appear to have popped open recently. We’ve had a fair slice of cake (well, meetings, and too many at that to recall here) and we’ve learnt a few things.

Gateshead Update

An update on what is happening in Gateshead, including the new Cycle Strategy, the council run Cycle Forum and the Gateshead Cycling Forum website.

Concerns over ROW outsourcing

We’ve written to Linda Arkley (North Tyneside Mayor) and Vivienne Geary (Legal) to ask about plans to outsource the provision of services associated with the rights of way (ROW) network in your area.

Twenty – what’s in it for us?

Yesterday Newcastle City Council said it had analysed data that showed their 20mph speed limits reduce collisions and incidents. What do we think?

1CORE – we’ve kept our comment short this time

We want to keep this short as we have also commented previously. Read our response here.

Police & Crime Commissioner – your call

We are in the process of writing to candidates for the Police and Crime Commissioner. We will ask them to support our call for a liaison officer. There’s so much to be sorted out when it comes to policing transport matters.

Press releases since the last newsletter

Taken for a ride – pedal politico (4C)
Newcastle Bicycle Festival – celebrating cycle culture

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