Newcastle and Gateshead Score Low For Cycling

This week the Campaign for Better Transport released their 2012 Car Dependency Scorecard. In the scorecard, Gateshead was ranked last in the category for Walking and Cycling, with Newcastle also ranking low at 22nd (out of 26).

In the scorecard, the Future Plans for Newcastle and Gateshead are also seen as a problem as they seem to have no measures to address the low Walking and Cycling scores for the area.

Gateshead has a particular issue with only around half of children cycling or walking to school, which has contributed towards it’s low ranking.

Locally Sunderland compared significantly better, but still not great, and was ranked 13th for Walking and Cycling.

This scorecard shows that Newcastle, Gateshead and Sunderland could all do a lot more to make Cycling and Walking a more attractive option for everyday transport.

No assessment was made for either North Tyneside or South Tyneside.

Overall, Newcastle was ranked in the top half for being less car dependent due to its high scores for Accessibility and Planning (4th), a high score for Public Transport Quality and Uptake (4th) and having moderate levels of car use (9th). Gateshead and Sunderland came lower overall (19th and 18th respectively), with Gateshead scoring lower than Newcastle in every category.

The Campaign for Better Transport:
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