Gateshead Update

Gateshead Council are currently developing a new Cycle Strategy that will replace the current one, which was produced in 2003. The new strategy is expected to be released for consultation in November and the consultation period is planned to run until January 2013. We will provide further updates on the strategy when more details become available.

Gateshead Council hold an open cycle forum every quarter, the last one was last week on Thursday 20th September. The next date has been planned to be earlier to coincide with the release of the new Cycling Strategy. The meeting is expected to take place on Thursday 22nd November at 5:30pm until 7:00pm. The date is subject to change and a venue has yet to be decided, we will update the details when they are made available.

Gateshead Cycling Forum is an internet forum run by campaign member Matt Jones for people who have an interest in cycling in Gateshead. The use of the website has continued to grow, doubling in the the last three months, with members of the Newcastle Cycling Campaign contributing to the discussions. The website is becoming a very useful tool for bringing together ideas and discussions about how people feel about cycling in Gateshead. If you have any opinions on cycling in the area, please join and contribute to the forum.