1CORE – we’ve kept our comment short this time

Date: 12 September 2012 20:43
Subject: Re: Planning Newcastle’s Future – Consultation Events
To: Planning & Housing
Cc: Cllr Henri Murison, David Slater

Dear Henri
Dear David


We want to keep this short as we have also commented previously.

We do think much more must be done to create a place for people. A place is nothing without its people, and more emphasis must be put on residents, their health and wellbeing, wealth and opportunities. Transport is a major aspect on that journey to a sustainable place, and big changes are required for our transport system to become fair, fit and affordable for people.

Transport touches on all our lives, mostly due to its current negative effects and focus on motorised polluting forms of travel. We have to provide better choice to our city residents. The core strategy claims it is based on evidence. We feel vital and basic evidence, guidelines, rules and logic have not been included in the current document. We recommend that the following literature be included; it is stating good design principles, and stating the economic case too:

Fairness in a car-dependent society by SDC
Europe’s Parking U-turn by ITDP
NewcastleGateshead 1Plan
Transport and the Economy by T&E
The war on motorists: myth or reality? by IPPR
‘Understanding walking and cycling’ (Interim report)
Home Zones
Manual for Streets
Cycling Infrastructure Design (we ask council to adopt as a mininum standard)
Rethinking childhood

We were disappointed to see transport not featuring at all in the recent Fairness Report, and we urge you to put more focus on good and green transport in your future plans. The greenbelt – if at all developed – must be developed using sustainable transport principles and not turn into a broken promise, burden and scar on the landscape like the Great Park. For that reason we remain unconvinced the council has the right frame of mind or expertise to do so. Newcastle must become a local place with local journeys being made much more possible for walking and cycling, and much better modal integration. All much more akin to a modern European city.

If you are doing one thing however, then please include the development of a cycle network, a promise which was made in “Delivering cycling improvements in Newcastle” strategy 2011-22. We’d welcome the entire Strategic Route Map (10 routes) included in the core strategy document. This way you would show commitment towards your residents, and a sustainable place.


Katja Leyendecker
on behalf of the Newcastle Cycling Campaign


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