Green issues. How many more deaths?

Attend to tell council officers about your transport (eh, cycling) problems in the city.

The meeting format has now been confirmed by council. Nicola Woodward: “The seating arrangements will be “café” style but the tables will not be themed as that would restrict attendees to one area of discussion only. The tables will be facilitated by council officers but we will expect the attendees to take the lead in discussions and feedback. We will take note of the feedback given by each table. After the meeting we will write a short report on the meeting which will be published on the web, circulated to attendees and considered during the redrafting of the environmental policies of the Core Strategy.”

Welcome from Chair – Cllr Simon Bird

Presentation, discussion and feedback

There will be four separate presentations on the four environment policies contained in the One Core Strategy
– CS18 Climate Change
– CS19 Green Infrastructure and Natural Environment
– CS20 Open space, sport and Recreation
– CS21 Flood risk and water management

After each presentation there will be a 15 minute discussion followed by feedback from each table. Council officers will circulate and support discussions at each table. Tables will be provided with copies of the policies and supporting text from the Draft Core Strategy and topic papers to record the issues raised / discussion points.

Next Steps and Close