Cycling to school? No!

We recently obtained a copy of a status report for sustainable travel at sixteen Tyneside schools. Kids usually want to walk or cycle, and the majority lives in walking or cycling distance to the school.

There are some heart-rendering comments from pupils in the qualitative report.

What deeply worried us is this: some schools actively ban pupils from cycling to school, and one North Tyneside school operates a strict contract system. We believe school heads react like this because they have a serious concern about the safety of our roads. But rather to address the root cause, head teachers apparently bury their heads in the sand. Policy concerning sustainable travel is usually quite good and the school may have a travel plan. But it’s the implementation that’s not happening. The report itself does not really draw conclusions or make recommendations. If we could only get the heads to speak to the politicians, Councillors and MPs.

The report is a must-read for politicians to see the dire straits we find ourselves in as a society.

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Remember that the Campaign has signed up to the Charter of Vancouver “children’s right to cycle”

Full “Going Smarter to School” report here [using googledocs]

UPDATE BBC reported