Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Stricter liability – the call for a fairer system for all

The road justice debate rumbles on. Here’s the latest Early Day Motion EDM407 – please contact your MP to take action and sign it. Or if they have shadow cabinet responsibility to write to the relevant minister for a statement. This is part of a British Cycling initiative in collaboration with cycling advocacy groups – there’s a suggested template (also replicated below) which you can personalise as much as you can and then send it to your MP. Not sure who your MP is? Check here TEMPLATE / SAMPLE LETTER MP Name House of Commons London SW1A[…]

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Green issues. How many more deaths?

Attend to tell council officers about your transport (eh, cycling) problems in the city. The meeting format has now been confirmed by council. Nicola Woodward: “The seating arrangements will be “cafĂ©” style but the tables will not be themed as that would restrict attendees to one area of discussion only. The tables will be facilitated by council officers but we will expect the attendees to take the lead in discussions and feedback. We will take note of the feedback given by each table. After the meeting we will write a short report on the meeting which will be published on[…]

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Cycling to school? No!

We recently obtained a copy of a status report for sustainable travel at sixteen Tyneside schools. Kids usually want to walk or cycle, and the majority lives in walking or cycling distance to the school. There are some heart-rendering comments from pupils in the qualitative report. What deeply worried us is this: some schools actively ban pupils from cycling to school, and one North Tyneside school operates a strict contract system. We believe school heads react like this because they have a serious concern about the safety of our roads. But rather to address the root cause, head teachers apparently[…]

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