We’ve written to Cllr Nigel Todd

Heartened by last year’s engagement and action on Brighton Grove, we’ve written to Newcastle’s local politician responsible for cycling, Cllr Nigel Todd, and ask for action. We’ve outlined the following four achievable targets for completion by 31 March 2012:

1. Allow cycling on Northumberland Street and make a start with out-of-shopping hours, as highlighted by the Safe Cycling petition in 2010

2. Map cycle lanes and give them double-yellow-line status (no parking in cycle lanes), as suggested by our patron Prof Stephen Singleton

3. Provide the definitive list of Newcastle’s one-way streets and allow contra-flow cycling in at least five streets for better permeability and setting a minimum target for ten conversions in future years, as explained by Alex Sully at the cycle design training

4. Send a clear signal to ITA/Nexus for an integrated transport system: to allow standard bikes on metro trains (make a start with outside rush hour), as common in Europe

Full letter attached below.