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11 July 2012

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Bus driver workshop

On 27 June 2012 we joined forces with Newcastle City Council and Newcastle’s four bus companies to host the first ever cycling awareness workshop with bus drivers in Newcastle to improve road safety on our streets.

Read more https://newcycling.org/news/20120702/cyclist-awareness-workshop-bus-drivers-newcastle
Press release https://newcycling.org/news/20120705/cyclist-awareness-workshop-bus-drivers-held-newcastle-press-release

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Jesmond Cycle Chat with council

On 20 June 2012 we attended a public meeting in Jesmond to discuss residents’ cycling matters with Newcastle council. There continues to be some good will. Ward Councillors are quite involved, and that’s welcome, and the talking should turn to action soon. We are eager to see some physical changes on the ground to improve cycling safety in the Jesmond wards (and beyond). Not surprisingly, Osborne Road was a sticking point.

Read more https://newcycling.org/news/20120624/jesmond-cycle-chat-council-press-release
Jesmondlocal’s Kerstin Vogel writes http://jesmondlocal.com/2012/07/bikes-cars-jesmond/

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RoadPeace – charity of cycle choice

Road death is sudden, violent and unexpected. Every day five people die on our roads in the UK, including two cyclists a week. One in 75 of us is bereaved through a road crash. RoadPeace is trying to improve post-crash response. Appropriate prosecution & sentencing is needed to give justice to road crash victims and their families. RoadPeace is also tackling bad driving and aims to make our streets safer.

Help our member Tanja Cooper raise £500 for RoadPeace, the charity that offers emotional and practical support to crash victim’s families. What better way to make a stand than spending 1000 miles riding a bicycle along UK roads. She’ll be starting her journey this weekend at Land’s End and finish 14 days later at John O’Groats. One pound from each of our Campaign members would reach her donation target!

||| Action ||| Please give what you can and donate now http://www.justgiving.com/Tanja-Nick-Lejog

Kate and Heather Cairns attended our last members meeting and gave a moving account of Eilidh Cairn’s death three years ago, vividly describing the ensuing legal battle. There is little justice for cyclist on the roads once things go wrong. The Cairns work very closely with RoadPeace.
Read more (by the Cycling Lawyer) http://thecyclingsilk.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/press-release-from-kate-cairns.html

Rob Grisdale of Scratchbikes / Grand Scheme recently cycled nearly 300 miles from London to Newcastle in 24hrs in order to raise funds for RoadPeace. The tragic death of two brother cyclists in Cumbria prompted this ride, and the choice of charity.
Read more http://www.scratchbikes.co.uk/2012/rob-completes-london-to-newcastle-24-hour-bike-ride/

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Gateshead Cycle Forum

Just over one year ago, one of our members, Matt Jones, set up a website for discussing cycling matters in Gateshead. Over the last year the number of users has steadily risen, and Gateshead Council use the website as a tool to work with the users to improve cycling in the borough. If you live or cycle in Gateshead take some time to register on the website and get involved with the discussions.

Check it out http://www.gatesheadcycling.org.uk/
||| Action ||| Get registered to join the conversation http://www.gatesheadcycling.org.uk/user/register

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Walker consultation Let’sTalk

The development of the strategic cycling network is progressing with most routes now mapped out. The Campaign has continued to ask for a programme so that everyone can be clear about the next steps, general timescales and that we can plan our involvement ahead. In the meantime, Newcastle City Council has launched an online consultation asking your views on “how to encourage cycling on the Walker to city centre strategic route” and “to point out where particular issues are”. You have to register on Let’s Talk first to take part (link below); consultation ends 31 July 2012.

Newcastle council strategic route website http://www.newcastle.gov.uk/parking-roads-and-transport/cycling/strategic-cycle-routes
Our request for a programme of works https://newcycling.org/news/20120515/strategic-routes-update
||| Action ||| Get registered for this and future council chats… http://www.letstalknewcastle.co.uk/

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Family bike brunch/lunch ride

On 5 August we’ll be at a loosly-organised friendly family bike brunch-lunch in Exhibition Park, an idea from our member Helen Simmons. For a chat and a scoot round the newly refurbished park with excellent children’s park toys and areas to explore. We’ll meet at the café, it’s ‘rough and ready’ but people can get a hot drink and we can hide there if it rains. We’ll meet at Blue House Roundabout Jesmond side at 11.15 for anyone wanting to travel in convoy. Hope to see you there!

||| Event ||| Read more https://newcycling.org/events/20120629/family-bike-brunch-lunch

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The Times – contact your Councillor

Wherever you live, please take a minute to support The Times campaign (link below), type your postcode into the ‘envelope’ and email a local representative, asking them to bid for funding to improve key junctions in your area. So. The least you can do is drop your ward Cllrs a quick line. Here’s some suggested text for your use.

“I am responding to The Times call for better urban cycling. I look to you as my ward Councillors to make a strong case for cycling and cyclists’ safety and obtain funding from the £15m announced by Norman Baker, Minister for Cycling. I suggest [Insert crossing name] to be made cyclesafe. Yours sincerely, [Insert name and address]”

Get writing. The more who write, the better the chances for your junction getting improved. And don’t forget to forward a copy to newcastle.cycling.campaign@gmail.com

||| Action ||| The Times page thetim.es/cyclesafe-local

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Letters to Directors of Public Health

The health landscape is changing. Our cycling+health rep, Peter Ward, has written to the Directors of Public Health in Newcastle, Gateshead and North Tyneside to make them aware of cycling and its multitudinous benefits. “If cycling were a pill – it’d be blockbuster.”

Similarly we should write to the police, as their arrangements are set to change too. Anyone got a good link with Northumbria Police?

Read more https://newcycling.org/news/20120627/public-health-letter-directors-public-health

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North Tyneside

Our frustration with Marden Bridge works continues.

Read more https://newcycling.org/news/20120706/council-scheme-criticised-road-safety-report

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Or how about this!

A small event which is part of EAT! NewcastleGateshead and is aimed at cyclists. On Sunday 22 July you can find out when another talented home cook throws open her door. The host is a keen cyclist so you’ll be meeting on bikes for a short appetite-building sight-seeing circuit before being taken to the secret NE6 dining location for a fabulous menu… Byker? Four course menu is £19.50 and you’re welcome to bring a bottle, the washing up is taken care of!

Get On Your Bike and book here www.newcastlegateshead.com/eat-home/eat-events/secret-paladares-the-sunday-supplement-on-your-bike-p649441
Here are more details that on Facebook www.facebook.com/EATNG/posts/264238253689340

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Bruce McVean who expertly talked at our members meeting “If not now then when” https://newcycling.org/events/20120325/quarterly-members-meeting
Richard Grassick and Beatrix Wupperman who donated two Beauty and the Bike books and dvds.

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