Cyclist awareness workshop for bus drivers in Newcastle

On 27 June 2012 we joined forces with Newcastle City Council and Newcastle’s four bus companies to host the first ever cycling awareness workshop with bus drivers in Newcastle to improve road safety on our streets. Here some quick comments from the Campaign organisers:

Tanja Cooper says:

I believe the best way of tackling this problem is by actively raising cyclist awareness amongst motorists through face-to-face workshops. I am delighted about the positive feedback from both cyclists and bus drivers alike. It’s great news that the attendees would recommend this workshop. We are hoping to hold this type of workshop on a regular basis to spread the message of road safety to a wider audience to spread cycling awareness

Claire Prospert says:

There was a very open discussion between cyclists and bus drivers about how to safely share the roads in Newcastle. I ride my bike in the city centre every day, making use of the “no car” lanes. Sharing space with buses drivers can be scary so it was good to hear that all agree about the importance to give space and reduce speed when overtaking cyclists, to respect the designated bike boxes at traffic lights and more generally to show respect and care. Both parties also recognise that the road infrastructure needs improvement, in particular around junctions, for the benefit of all road users’ safety not just cyclists and pedestrians.

We are also preparing a press release, which is hopefully to follow soon.