Children Serve Notice On Marden Bridge – press release

The young people of North Tyneside have served North Tyneside Council with notice on their flawed road design on Marden Bridge, giving the Council 14 days to make the bridge safe.

Father of two Tom Bailey said “this notice is being served on behalf of all of the young people of North Tyneside who deserve safe streets and the freedom to ride their bikes to get around. Its immoral to be encouraging kids to ride their bikes and at the same time to be ignoring their safety when redesigning Marden Bridge. Copies of the notice are going to local Councillors and the North Tyneside Standards Committee on Monday morning”.

At the same time Karl McCracken of Whitley Bay has been in discussion with the Local Government Ombudsman regarding multiple breaches of North Tyneside Council’s constitution and legal obligations on Marden Bridge. Karl said “it’s a real shame that things have come to this, North Tyneside have in the past had a great record on cycling and road safety, but in this case something has gone badly wrong.

“Without any of the public consultation expected when making changes on a key stretch of road North Tyneside sent contractors on site at the beginning of March to construct additional parking bays on the bridge. The scheme appears to have been ill thought out with one of the bays having to be removed almost immediately due to safety concerns. This has been described by Council Officers as a member led scheme.”

Tom who is also a member of the Newcastle Cycling Campaign commented: “When we first looked at this scheme we assumed that the problems it would cause were mostly for those who don’t like mixing with traffic, nannas and nippers if you like. But seeing it in operation and riding through it shows immediately that its far worse than that. People are stuck between parked cars and very heavy oncoming traffic, its not safe for adults let alone kids. It’s not surprising local people feel strongly enough to take these sort of steps. In the short term this will lead to many more bikes on pavements, in the long run it will damage Whitley Bay town centre as people stay away.

At last week’s Newcastle inquest in to the death of The Reverend Michael Malleson, collided with a car driver whilst cycling on Heaton Road, both police and the coroner cited poorly sited car parking as contributory factors. North Tyneside’s actions sit very uncomfortably with us in light of the coroners comments”.

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attachment – 8 year old Sam serves notice on the bridge giving North Tyneside Council 14 days to deliver safe cycling, 8am Saturday 21st April
attachment – Ka-pow! Welcome To Whitley Bay. A montage produced from two photos taken on the bridge at different times of the day highlighting the problems created by this scheme.

A copy of the notice is available on request. The notice outlines why the scheme on Marden Bridge is in breach of the law. North Tyneside Council’s constitution forbids the Council from acting illegally, and it is reasonable to expect their Standards Committee to uphold this.