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The Summer of Cycling was launched at Parliament on 14 March 2012. The simple aim is to double the amount of people cycling. It’s now for local groups and people to make it happen. The Newcastle Cycling Campaign is asking all local cyclists to get a family member, a friend, a work colleague or a councillor involved in cycling, and has created an easy bike buddy sign-up form.

Katja Leyendecker, initiative organiser and recently re-elected chair of the Newcastle Cycling Campaign, elaborates: “Today we launch our bid to turn the next six months into a Summer of Cycling. We are playing our part and have made it really easy for cyclists to sign up a bike buddy with us. This could be a family member, a friend, a work colleague or a councillor. Anyone, really. As a cyclist, simply fill in this online form or contact us on

“The campaign will then do the legwork so to speak. In the next step, we’ll contact the bike buddies with a starter questionnaire, and will again get in touch with them after six months asking about their experience and progress. It’s invaluable information for us. For cycling, there’s so much misconception, even downright discrimination sometimes. We must overcome that somehow. I see the Summer of Cycling as a chance to engage with non-cycling and not-yet-cycling folks.

Campaign member, Karl McCracken said, “The idea is simple of course. If successful, the Summer of Cycling would double the number of people cycling. That would mean calmer, quieter and cleaner streets, and a whole lot of fitter, healthier people in Tyneside. With last week’s problems with petrol supplies, people are starting to question how they get around our towns and cities. Riding a bike is the obvious answer, as the majority of us live within a gentle thirty-minute ride of work”.

Katja again “Members of the Newcastle Cycling Campaign have volunteered to be helpful companions, myth busters and offering pointers to cycling facilities and routes for the duration of the Summer of Cycling. Whatever is needed, we’ll try to respond to it! That’s our promise.

“What’s there not to like? Well, we do know that people are deterred from cycling by concerns about their personal safety, heavy and fast traffic and the seeming convenience that the car offers. But we urge people to break the mould this summer, step forward and let us know their stories, so that together we can sort this out.”

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Notes to editor:

The Newcastle Cycling Campaign was founded in 2010 by Katja Leyendecker & Claire Prospert in response to an 800-strong petition urging Newcastle City Council to improve conditions for people on bikes.

In February 2012, Newcastle City Council formally adopted a new cycling plan. This lays out the steps it will take to get 20% of all trips under five miles to be made by bike by 2022.

Website for the Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Official web site of the Summer of Cycling Campaign

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Katja and Karl
Katja and Karl