Seeking Bike Buddies, For Summer of Cycling – press release


In the year of Olympic superlatives for the mere mortal it remains true that “Participation is everything”. With that motto in mind two cycle campaigners are asking city bosses to get ready for the Summer of Cycling.

Two members of the Newcastle Cycling Campaign received an invite which they say they simply cannot refuse. Carlton Reid, cycle writer and BikeBiz editor, got in touch and asked them to inspire someone else to cycle this summer. A film charting the beginning of that journey will then be showed at parliament in March as part of the Summer of Cycling launch.

Katja Leyendecker, Newcastle Cycling Campaign, says “This is brilliant. With the backdrop of a cycle wave going through Newcastle at the moment, we received this incredible offer of taking part at the Summer of Cycling filming. The team is running a plus one initiative. Everyone who cycles will inspire someone else to cycle, effectively doubling the number of cyclists.”

“I immediately replied that I am up for it. Only then started thinking who I’d like to see saddling up and experience ‘transport cycling’ this summer, and hopefully beyond. The bike buddy needn’t fear this is about everyday hardcore cycling. The Summer of Cycling promise is for an occasional gentle cycle trip, to the shops, to work, to the bus stop or station, to meetings. The person however should not be camera shy. And not shy to share their experiences with the campaign.

“I have invited city bosses Cllr Nick Forbes and my MP Catherine McKinnell. They’ve both impressed me in the past with their positive and open attitude. I hope they can make it to the filming. No doubt a little friendly cajoling will be necessary, and a little myth-busting talk is possibly useful too.”

“This initiative is about ‘walking a mile in someone’s shoes’ to understand cycling and cyclists better. We’ve recently revived our the request for council engineers to get on the bikes and cycle to their place of work. To learn directly by doing is important. Let’s get Newcastle City bosses on film, as well as on their bikes!“

The group’s busy preparing their AGM on 13 March
Summer of Cycling

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