Let’s Talk Biking in Jesmond – press release



The campaign for a more people-friendly Jesmond gets underway as the Council issues a special ward newsletter for North and South Jesmond with a particular focus on cycling.

A newsletter will be dropped through every door in Jesmond. It reads: “Jesmond is the perfect place for cycling. It’s flat as a pancake, filled with trees and flowers, and few people live more than three miles from where they need to be or want to go”. Yet currently many people, particularly the old and the young, don’t use a bike owing to their fear of cars and heavy, fast traffic. So, working with all six Jesmond Councillors, Transition Jesmond and the Newcastle Cycling Campaign have helped to design a survey which can be filled in online at www.letstalknewcastle.co.uk or a paper copy can be obtained from the local ward co-ordinator or Councillor.

The survey asks what it is that puts people off cycling for everyday trips to school, work and shops. It then asks what can be done to make it easier. You can leave a comment on the ‘better biking in Jesmond’ topic wall and also on an interactive map, a Newcastle City Council first, where you can mark trouble spots, draw in the roads which are a cause for concern, and highlight places where crossings are needed, or anything else that concerns you. A special ward committee meeting will be held to look at the results, and propose suggestions for improving the situation.

The local Councillors say that changes will be possible and there is a lot of support for putting them into practice, and to get it right it may take time. Councillor Hardman says “The more people we can get cycling the less congestion we will have – the less congestion, the less pollution and a better Jesmond for everyone. Cycling is not just for enthusiasts it is a practical and efficient way to get around, but we need to make it a safe way to get around. We need to find ways to get cyclists off pavements and onto the road and this will require measures to make Jesmond a safer place to cycle.”

Tony Waterston of Transition Jesmond says “We have lots of ideas on how to make Jesmond more cycle-friendly, both through better signing and designation of cycle routes to schools and the main shopping areas. We’re sure that more folks will start cycling, both for work and for leisure, if some simple measures are implemented.”

Katja: “This is an important community concern. Jesmond residents have already taken part in rides with local Councillors to highlight the hot spots that cyclists find dangerous. Please help Newcastle City Council to keep a spotlight on cycling and creating friendly environments for people to enjoy. And, if you currently don’t cycle, tell them why.”

Katja Leyendecker 07828 60 4349
E Mail newcastle.cycling.campaign@gmail.com