Our Priorities for 2013/14

We’ll work with decision-makers to make Newcastle a modern liveable city that puts people at its heart and can be enjoyed on foot and by bike. We want to be involved in the design of the Strategic Cycle Routes and see their physical completion by 2020. For cyclists safety we specifically ask for

In the coming 12 months
– a safe North-South Route through the city centre, with more road space for cycling on John Dobson Street (as Northumberland Street out-of-bounds)
– one-way streets to be opened up to contraflow cycling
– city centre traffic lights to be made cycle-friendly including green wave phasing at cycle-speed, countdowns and headstarts
– to progress a liveable neighbourhood for Jesmond
– a Liveable City Conference to be held

By 2015, Newcastle’s 20mph conversion to be completed, especially to address the remaining 30mph streets in the city centre, and prevent speeding by design

By 2018, all roads with a speed limit of 30mph and higher to be fitted with cycle provision to follow best practice for safety

Continuously, Newcastle council to push for bikes being allowed on Metro trains