Metro, The Same Old Record

We ‘learnt’ that Metro bosses are still playing the same old record, see today’s Journal and the Chronicle.

For the ones interested in the detail:

  • Contrary to Huw Lewis, head of communciations, announcement, the working group (task & finish group) has NOT been set up. As we would be part of it, we would have heard, surely?
  • We remain requesting to hear from Bernard Garner directly, not by proxy from his head of communications; and wonder whether Bernard’s taken up the offer by a Newcastle Councillor to meet at South Gosforth station to discuss the very subject?
  • We renew our offer to analyse Metro patronage data to once and for all lay to rest the “a very busy system” smoke screen. We believe it’s only very busy at certain times ie rush hour and special events.
  • We ask Metro to share their latest customer research for our independent assessment.