Letter to Bernard Garner

Today we wrote an open letter to Bernard Garner calling for a trial run. We’ve also pledged our involvement.

A press release is available here

The letter reads:

Dear Bernard


We are writing to you as a concerned user group.
We have made Nexus aware on a number of occasions of the cycling community’s needs. A renewed request was once again made at the stakeholder engagement event organised by Metro early November 2011. Cyclists, some of them Metro users, some of them prospective users, want to be able to take their standard bikes when travelling on the metro.

We believe that it is now time to stop talking and start acting: we ask you to listen to the view of a community Metro have consulted. A community – in fact – which has patiently provided feedback on this very subject to you for decades.

What should happen next

We simply ask for a trial to be carried out – involving a few stations. Let’s talk about specific times of the day, maybe with limitations of bike numbers to be allowed on per train door.

This is something we believe is sensible and achievable.

We ask for your commitment to make this happen

Equally, we commit ourselves to working with you to develop a plan of actions, discuss and agree the details of the pilot, implement and monitor it.

In November 2011, Metro promised to carry out research on comparable light rail systems carrying bikes. Metro also committed to set up a working group with interested cycling organisations and individuals.

We recommend that this working group oversees the above research and trial.

Local expertise and extraordinary enthusiasm can be channelled into a ‘bikes on metro’ working group to make it a real success for everyone.

Through DB Regio you already have in-house knowledge of well-established practice of bicycle-friendly metro systems.

We have all the ingredients for a successful ‘bikes on metro’ trial. Let’s make it happen. We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your commitment for a trial run.

Kind Regards
Katja Leyendecker
Chair of Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Claire Prospert
Secretary of Newcastle Cycling Campaign