Letter to Bernard Garner – Press Release



An open letter was sent today to Metro bosses asking to pilot the carriage of standard bicycles on their network.

The bicycle ban on Metro trains has for decades been a big bugbear to the cycling community. The Newcastle Cycling Campaign collected corroborating evidence in 2011, and swiftly submitted this to Metro bosses. The cycling community was also quick to renew their demand to carry bikes on the trains at an event organised by Metro in November 2011.

In an open letter to Metro, the Newcastle Cycling Campaign, on behalf of the wider cycling community, is now calling for a trial run, and put forward campaign capacity for involvement in reviews and research.

Claire Prospert from the Newcastle Cycling Campaign explains “It is an indicator of a sustainable and fair city to offer a fully-integrated transport system to citizens. We want to see a trial outside peak hours, involving a small number of metro stations.

“Back in November Metro promised to study light rail systems in Britain and abroad to learn from our continental neighbours. We know that the Metro’s operator DB Regio runs light rail systems in Germany that carry bikes. We have seen a technical review studying bike-friendly train systems and it resulted in no safety problems being reported or making of claims concerning bicycle carriage.

“We would not want to pre-empt results but early indication for this to work looks hopeful. It is only through a sustained and open dialogue that solutions can be found for the benefit of both Metro and bike users. We are here to help, and we’d like to see an independent assessment of work.”

A trial of bikes on Metro trains is supported by local Councillors, NewcastleGateshead Friends of the Earth, T&W Public Transport Users Group (TWPTUG) amongst others.

Vicky Gilbert from the TWPTUG says “We want to see Metro to run a small pilot for ordinary bikes. Cycling is a non carbon emissions healthy activity that should be encouraged and we are sure that if London underground can do this so can
Tyne & Wear represented by TWITA, Nexus and DB Regio.”

If you would like to learn more about the Newcastle Cycling Campaign and what they do go to https://newcycling.org.

Claire Prospert 07828 60 4349
E Mail newcastle.cycling.campaign@gmail.com