Newcastle Cycle City promise – press release



Wednesday 1st February promises to be a day of celebration for cyclists in Newcastle. A detailed action plan ‘Delivering Cycling Improvements in Newcastle’ will be formally agreed by Newcastle City Council.

This builds on the recently agreed ‘Cycling Strategy for Newcastle’ and its key aim to create a vibrant cycle culture with every 1 in 5 trips under five miles being undertaken by bicycle by 2021. Currently this number is in the region of 1 in 50 and a ten-fold increase is sought.

Cycle campaigner Bill Dodds said “This will be a great day for cycling in Newcastle. Cycling groups, Councillors and council officers have worked together to produce a realistic plan to help get more people on their bikes.

“The action plan will act as a reference document for all planning and transport developments and is an important part of our proposals to create seven strategic cycle routes in Newcastle. If good quality, safe, direct and convenient bike routes are built, I’m sure that people will use them.”

Newcastle Cycling Campaign has been at the forefront of pressing for cycling improvements in Newcastle. Katja Leyendecker, chair, says “This is a significant step. The cycling community has been campaigning for this sort of Dutch-level cycling commitment for years. And we all agree what needs to be done next.

“A network of high quality cycleways is what gets people to consider cycling as a real, viable and safe alternative. Bike trips to work, shopping, meeting friends and riding to school will become a convenient and pleasant way of getting from A to B. We are chuffed, and very much looking forward to playing our part in this transformation.”

“In some ways the journey has just begun. We now must ensure the Cycle City vision is translated into reality. It’s going to be tough, but with focus, continued political will, firm leadership and learning from our continental neighbours, it is possible.”

On Wednesday cycle campaigners will gather at the Civic Centre to congratulate Councillors. If you would like to learn more about the Newcastle Cycling Campaign and what they do go to

Bill Dodds 0191 285 5830
Katja Leyendecker 07828 60 4349
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