Newcastle Cllr Travel Survey 2011

This year, again, we asked Newcastle councillors a few questions – via an easy-peasy short online survey. We used the Cycle Manifesto as the coat hanger and started by asking whether there were any questions on your part about the manifesto, its purpose, use and implementation and gave our councillors suggestions how to help cycling

  • Support our bid proposal “Wheels in Motion”
  • Participate at City Chief Cycle Challenge 2011
  • Blog about cycling, twitter, facebook
  • Start cycling and let the campaign know how it went
  • Describe to us why you don’t cycle
  • Attend the council’s cycle forum
  • Attend a Newcastle Cycling Campaign meeting
  • Contribute to our newsletter
  • Contact the campaign on your ward transport matters
  • Ask the campaign a question, ask our opinion
  • Organise a ward infrastructure safari
  • Participate at a ward infrastructure safari
  • Talk at ward meetings about cycle strategy, cycle manifesto, cycle network development “Wheels in Motion”
  • Support an open letter by the campaign
  • Get a bicycle, Recyke y’Bike
  • Sign up to a bicycle maintenance class, Recyke y’Bike
  • Join the Newcastle Cycling Campaign and/or the newsletter list

We concluded by inquiring whether they were aware that the cycle forum developed a Newcastle Cycling Strategy which will go through the adoption process soon and that a strategic cycle network will be developed for Newcastle. Survey attached here.

Well, the answers we got were varied. These councillors replied and we thank them

  • Cllr David Faulkner
  • Cllr Gareth Kane
  • Cllr Henry Gallagher
  • Cllr Joyce McCarty
  • Cllr Linda Hobson
  • Cllr Nick Kemp
  • Cllr Nigel Todd
  • Cllr Simon Bird
  • Cllr Stephen Psallidas
  • Cllr Wendy Taylor

We will use the information and contact the councillors according to their questions, needs and comments.