Brighton Grove

A summary of Brighton Grove news

Read more on Brighton Grove here

Brighton Grove (the cycle lane with all the cars parked in) is getting a make over. Well. Sort of. Read our view here.
We have also written to the responsible Councillor, to request a review and discuss a better future approach to cycling. Read here.

Our call for a written reply and better info sharing has finally been heard. Maybe some real listening can take place now? It’s about time.

Another meeting took place, and more detail emerged. Sadly a number of questions remain unanswered. We have written to Cllr Nigel Todd to summarise our remaining concerns here.

We have been informed by the council that the scheme (Traffic Regulation Order) is going through appeal process due to the number of objections received. Unfortunately the council’s appeal committee meets during working hours, and we cannot attend. We have expressed our concern to the council.
In addition, we have seen the council officer’s report rebutting the objections, one by one. We are majorly disappointed to read that the council refuses to identify all options and the case officer seriously misinterpreted our objection. Traffic engineers remain traffic engineers, it seems. It’s business as usual at our council!

We have received a letter by email informing us that the scheme will go ahead as per the council officers’ original plan. Funny that. This is exactly the business-as-usual approach we’ll keep challenging so that one fine day cyclists will be heard, their needs catered for, and the traffic engineers will receive the training that they so badly need.
Oh, and one more silly question ‘Does that mean that cycling will now be allowed on Northumberland Street too?’ There’s probably more space for sharing there than on Brighton Grove. Not to forget that Northumberland Street is the safest way through Newcastle city centre, compared to the shaky alternatives of Percy Street and John Dobson Street.