Newcastle Bicycle Festival – press release



2011 it is Recyke y’Bike’s 5th anniversary. A perfect reason to celebrate all things bicycle, cycling and its vibrant community. Come along and see for yourself.
The festival – a weekend of Cycle Celebration – kicks off on Friday 28 October 2011 at 17:30 with a mass bike ride to the Star & Shadow cinema, or alternatively – for the more playful – there will be an Alley Cat organised. Simply meet at Haymarket with your bicycle.

Katja Leyendecker of the festival organisation committee says “The mass bike ride and Monster Alley Cat, will be followed by the screening of “The Beauty and the Bike” and “Bristol Asylum Project” when it gets a bit more political. We would really welcome a politician on the discussion panel. The event wants to raise cycling’s profile and garner political support.

“The festival is for everyone who likes bicycles. Cycling embraces a diverse community and it will be a great opportunity for people to share their interest and passion, inspire and simply enjoy cycling. We are calling our politicians to join in too. Some have been in contact to confirm their support, like the Ouseburn ward councillors”:
Cllr Ian Preston says “Councillors across the city have been driving forward a green and sustainable transport policy which aims to make Newcastle a more cyclist-friendly city. I am immensely proud that the Newcastle Bicycle Festival is being launched in Ouseburn Ward and look forward to working with the Newcastle Cycling campaign as we continue to make progress towards that aim.”

Cllr Stephen Psallidas says “Well done to Recyke y’Bike, the Cycling Campaign and the Star & Shadow for organising what should be an excellent and positive series of events celebrating one of the world’s healthiest, greenest†and most effective inventions – the bicycle!† I’m pleased that the hub of the Cycling Festival will once again be in Ouseburn Ward, and I hope that everyone enjoys it.” Cllr Gareth Kane adding “”It would be great to see Newcastle become a cycling city – it would be healthier, greener and more convivial. This event is an important step in that direction.”

Dorothy Craw of Recyke y’Bike, festival founder, explains ” Recyke y’Bike wants to encourage the whole community to join in with our 5th birthday celebrations – cyclists and would-be cyclists can come along and learn more about what is happening with bikes locally and in other parts of the country, Europe and the World We have been working very hard to come up with this programme, a whole weekend full of cycling, learning from each other, discussion and – of course and above all – fun stuff. I think we have pulled together a wonderful variety, something for everyone.”

The Film Festival (Friday event) – whilst free – is a ticketed event. Your free ticket (there is a food option at additional cost of £4) is available†at Recyke y’Bike Tel:†0191 265 4197. Get your ticket now! Entry on the door will be†subject to availability.
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Katja Leyendecker, festival committee member, and chair of Newcastle Cycling Campaign
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