Make a Little Pledge for Cycling

We continue sussing out councillors in Newcastle.

How cycle-friendly are they? What do they know about cycling? Where are the gaps and problems? Knowledge, experience, policy? And how can we help? The aim is to find the individuals we can work with, the ones who are willing to lend an open ears. The councillors do not necessarily need to be cycling themselves, but have an open and fair attitude that we can mutually build upon to bring to life a cycle culture for Newcastle.

To that effect we are running the “Make a little Pledge for Cycling” as part of our annual councillor survey. It’s sad to still see defensiveness despite our working hard to break down walls, barriers, misconceptions, and sometimes plain prejudice. We will identify the exceptional councillors willing to engage. Here to hear. All ear.

At the November full council meeting Cllr Gallagher, East Gosforth ward, submitted two cycle-related written questions. We congratulate him on taking initiative and also on the questions which are extremely pertinent to cycle improvements in Newcastle. Read Cllr Gallagher’s cycle lane and bikes on Metro questions! To provide the campaign angle, we’ve annotated the administration’s replies. Jesmond Cllr Breakey was also asking relevant questions about 20 mph and inconsiderate parking. Thank you!

We want to see more of that! Here’s what councillors can do in support of cycling and working with us Cycle Pledge suggestions.

We want to see much more of that! Transport policy and its applications has an effect on all of our lives, especially people who opt for alternative travel are often given little choice or consideration. So much more needs to be done to improve walking, cycling and public transport provision.