What Do Cycling Folks Want? (National) – press release


The verdict of twenty-five cycle campaign groups: It’s the infrastructure, stupid!

Over the last months, Newcastle Cycling Campaign asked fellow UK campaign groups what action they wanted to see happen on a national scale. And, to no great surprise, the results confirmed that a dedicated budget for good quality cycle facilities is seen as crucially important for the advancement of UK cycling.

Five popular campaigning points were presented to the campaign groups for ranking. Here are the results listed in order of importance.

1. Obtaining a national government budget for ‘good quality cycle infrastructure’ – e.g. separate routes on busy fast roads and priority treatment at hazardous junctions
2. More freedom for cycling such as ‘better transport integration’, 20 mph, training
3. Legal changes to improve protection for vulnerable road users – cyclists & pedestrians
4. A change in government policy such as ‘road safety’
5. Press for government targets for cycling modal share

Katja Leyendecker of the Newcastle Cycling Campaign says “This also sends a message to national campaign groups about the possible focus of their lobbying efforts.

“The unification of cycle campaigning won’t be easy, but must be achieved in order to move UK cycling ‘up a notch’. Our cycling numbers have largely plateaued and seemingly reached saturation point: only a minority of people feel safe sharing road space with cars, buses and lorries. It’s obvious. Our public space in our cities, towns and villages must be handed back to people for walking and cycling.

“There’s a clear lack of political commitment for cycling in the UK. Design expertise is also dismal and will have to be brought in, possibly from abroad. We have lost touch with cycling and our streets have been re-designed to be dominated by the private car. We’re in dire need of a public debate how space can be allocated better: in a fairer, more healthy, socially-conscious and environmental way.

“A high level of frustration was apparent when reading through individual replies of the survey. Cycling is at crossroads and it’s crucial what happens next.”

This ‘straw poll’ result in favour of safe cycle infrastructure tallies with the findings of a recently published report “Understanding walking and cycling” which received much publicity since its launch in September 2011.

The full survey results (excluding personal information) can be downloaded below and here.

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