Can you cure my car sickness – press release



The Newcastle Cycling Campaign today handed over a book to key politicians to help cure car sickness forever.
The narrative of Lynn Sloman’s well-researched book Car Sick – solutions to a car-dependent society rings true to cyclists’ woes: too much room taken up by the private cars not leaving near enough safe space for people walking and cycling.

And Lynn’s findings are not just of interest to cycle campaigners, they are relevant to politicians too:

Research shows that people are more keen now to explore green and active travel options than popular opinion may have us believe. When asked people opt in favour of friendly, engaging, safe environments where everyone can interact, move around safely. Places you can easily travel to by public transport, cycle or walk, or any combination of these. Places not unlike your local village green or market place. Places made for people.

This is good news for a city that wants to be an inclusive, European and modern place as outlined in 1PLAN – NewcastleGatehead’s economic and spatial strategy. A city centre where space is given to its people – not a car park interspersed with shops.

Katja Leyendecker from the Newcastle Cycling Campaign explains “Newcastle could be an even more attractive place if we can now make it fit for people. Cycling is part of that transformation.

“The Campaign is very grateful to Cllrs Henri Murison and Nigel Todd for the successful adoption of the Cycling Manifesto for Newcastle at full council in September 2011. This demonstration of political support is unprecedented in the UK as far as we are aware. We are eager to continue the journey with our local politicians to bring to life the manifesto, and make real strides to provide for cycling by listening to cyclists’ needs.

“Presenting our key councillors with this important and relevant book, Car Sick, should help our elected representatives to really understand what people actually want. Maybe we can have a city-wide debate about our public space and how to share and delineate it in a more equitable and interactive way.

“To move the debate on, we are inviting councillors to participate at the Newcastle Bicycle Festival – Recyke y’Bike’s 5th birthday celebration. Particularly on Friday 28 October 2011 at 19:30 when we will screen “The Beauty and the Bike” and “Bristol Asylum Project” two politically motivated cycling films, we would welcome a councillor on the discussion panel. We also invite all councillors to take part in the mass bike ride from Haymarket to the Star & Shadow, the venue of the Bicycle Festival, taking off at 17:30.”
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