Bikes on Metro Anyone – Press Release



To celebrate Bike Week Newcastle Cycling Campaign and launched a competition to gather views about the metro and how to better integrate cycling into the journey.

Eager to win the prize – a Viking folding bike – participants answered the following simple question: “ What would make the metro cyclist-friendly and why does it matter to you?” The competition was a great success with nearly 200 entries received. The winner was drawn at random and a lucky Daniel Hamilton was presented with his prize on Newcastle’s Quayside. (Photo below.)

Daniel, a ‘cycling resident’ of Heaton, in tune with the vast majority of the competition entrants (90%), felt that the Tyne and Wear Metro should allow full sized bikes on to the trains.

The competition answers have been compiled into a report which has now been presented to the Tyne & Wear Metro – Nexus and its operator DB Regio as well as the integrated Transport Authority (ITA).

As well as being allowed to take bicycles on to the Metro trains, other popular requests were “better provision for locking bikes securely at stations” and “consideration of the cycling public when refurbishing stations”. Newcastle Cycling Campaign will be in contact with the Metro operators to discuss their ideas. It is hoped that as a result of this report Nexus will take on board the views of the North East’s public and arrange for better provision for cyclists on the Metro network.

Katja Leyendecker, Newcastle Cycling Campaign, explains “When prompted people tell us they want better cycle infrastructure and better integration of cycling into public transport. They would cycle more, and everyone’s a winner! We have contacted the Metro operators to discuss our ideas.”

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Claire Prospert, Newcastle Cycling Campaign
Mob: 0741 148 98 19