Cycling City Bosses (BikeWeek) – press release



It’s National BikeWeek, and how best to support cycling by saddling up yourself! And that’s exactly what the Newcastle Cycling Campaign asked bosses of Newcastle City Council.

Newcastle’s city chiefs have been invited by the Newcastle Cycling Campaign to cycle the city centre. This is a great opportunity to road-test Newcastle’s streets by bike (for some it may be the first time for a long time!), to see – first-hand – what city cycling feels like, and possibly align their sympathies with city cyclists, as well as show support for cycling during BikeWeek. Who could refuse such an offer!

Date & Time: 22nd June 2011 – 18:30 – 19:30
Where does it start? Newcastle Civic Centre

After completion of the route there will be a chance for the participants to leave a message for the cycling community, by tape or via a snapshot.

Katja, chair of the Newcastle Cycling Campaign, says: “We strongly believe that the experience gained by the city chiefs and the Newcastle Cycling Campaign – on behalf of Tyneside’s growing cycling community – will be mutually beneficial and complimentary. The event is meant to foster understanding, strengthen bonds and trust between decision makers and cyclists, and ultimately help make Newcastle a premier Cycling City.

“We have seen a recent surge in political support for city cycling which is enormously encouraging. The vast majority of the 2011 councillors have signed the Newcastle Cycling Manifesto. We have a supportive Councillor in almost every ward! And we do not stop there; we want to see more of that. We know that the Newcastle Cycling Campaign has so much to offer, is growing stronger every day, is bursting with ideas for a cycle-friendly Newcastle. Unstoppable.”

There is a great London tradition for MPs to saddle up for the regular Parliamentary Bike Ride. It’s used for networking and cycle promotion. The City Chief Cycle Challenge is offering this cosmopolitan experience to Newcastle, a city that says it aims to become more European, vibrant and active. Cycling ticks every box.

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