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Cycling must feature much more heavily in this Outline Planning Application. Newcastle is missing a trick otherwise.

Too many public realm- and cycling infrastructure related planning mistakes have been made in the recent past. Science Central must be used as an incubator of best practice for cycling and public realm improvement which can then radiate out into the city. A recent petition of 800 local residents (gathered in only 4 weeks) asking for better cycling infrastructure and the subsequent formation of the Newcastle Cycling Campaign also supports this growing trend which cannot be ignored any longer.

This opportunity cannot be missed.

Concepts of traffic calming, Home Zones, public shared space must be utilised on site, the junction improvements (such as the super crossings mentioned) must improve safety matters for cyclists as well. I urge the council to stipulate that a dutch/danish/german style design code is used. Even better if a highly experienced public realm architect could be found that’d be a battle half won. Please ensure that previous planning mistakes are not repeated.

Katja Leyendecker
Chair, Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Science Central 2011/0110/01/OUT