Our Priorities for 2011/12

With our aim to create a cycle-friendly city with a deep-rooted and flourishing cycling culture, our objectives are to improve the cycling infrastructure in and around Newcastle and champion and promote cycling.

Keeping a focus on our local priorities, below, we will work with others to achieve our aims and objectives. We will lobby, influence, build relationship and trust, engage in debate and foster dialogue. We will hassle and challenge, inspire and enthuse.

During our AGM in March 2011 we discussed and decided on this year’s priorities. Without further ado here they are:

Integration of bikes in public transport
Examples include
• Metro (better access to stations, parking, bikes on metro)
• Central station (access by bike, parking)
• Buses (cycle parking at main interchanges, bicycles on buses)

Improve permeability within the city centre
Examples include
• Encourage introduction of shared-use spaces
• Ask for a review of traffic light system
• Lobby for a user-friendly blanket 20mph-city centre

Creating liveable neighbourhoods
Examples include
• Work to make local streets safe for walking and cycling
• Create high quality child-friendly cycle routes
• More flush kerb, contra-flows, draw from best cycling practice
• 20mph zones and Home Zones

Strategic cycle network with key corridors into the city centre
Examples include
• Identify and assess radial routes
• User-friendly maps (interactive/online, hard copies)
• Audit and monitoring of cycling infrastructure

Road users debate
Examples include
• Generate better understanding, respect, tolerance for cyclists
• Contribute and participate at the Strict Liability debate
• Promote the image of cycling as being normal and mainstream, everyday cycling

Educate and involve decision-makers and practitioners
Examples include
• Political/senior/institutional buy-in such as Cycling Challenge
• Engage cross-sector – not just a transport issue – also health
• New developments: council planners and engineer skills

More cycling ancillaries
Examples include
• Cycle stands, signage
• Maintenance of network
• Cycle hub in the city centre

Promoting cycling and wider engagement
Examples include
• Contribute to Bike Week and encourage/support positive activities
• Organise and hold an annual cycling conference
• Engagement with the private sector
• More events: car free day, family bike ride, film festival