Newcastle Cycle Manifesto

Before the election, we contacted Newcastle’s councillor candidates and asked their support of the pragmatic Cycling Manifesto. It reads:

7th April 2011


We are writing to all candidates standing for election in Newcastle to introduce ourselves and seek your support for better cycling provision in Newcastle.
In May 2010, over 800 local people completed a survey and signed a petition calling for “Safe Cycling in Newcastle City Centre”. This led to the formation of Newcastle Cycling Campaign – set up six months ago to promote cycling in Newcastle. We have over 70 members and we are expanding rapidly.
We already work closely with Newcastle City Council and ask that you indicate your support for our aim to ‘Create a cycle-friendly city with an embedded cycling culture’.

We believe that the following would help bring this about:

Creation of a Strategic Cycle Network

  • key corridors into the city centre
  • comprehensive signage of cycle routes

Improved safety measures for cyclists in Newcastle City Centre

  • examine use of cycling ‘contra flow’ systems
  • review operation of traffic lights in the city centre

Creation of liveable neighbourhoods

  • more 20mph zones and Home Zones
  • making local streets safe for walking and cycling

Integration of bikes with public transport

  • promotion of ‘cycle & ride’ schemes
  • secure cycle parking at Rail, Metro and Bus stations

Encourage cycling throughout Newcastle

  • organise an ‘Annual Newcastle Cycling Conference’
  • promote new activities ie annual family bike ride, cycling film festival

We hope that you can respond with a brief message of support for our ‘Newcastle Cycling Manifesto’ before April 20th, so that we can publish and promote the list of candidates supporting our aims. Good luck with your local election campaigns.

Yours sincerely
Newcastle Cycling Campaign
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