The first AGM – press release


Cyclists To Help Green Newcastle Pull Further Ahead

With Newcastle working hard to retain its position as Britain’s greenest city three years in a row, it’s little wonder that interest in cycling is booming. Last year saw over 800 Geordies sign a petition demanding policies to support this greenest of vehicles.

And as a result, a new campaign group was born. The Newcastle Cycling Campaign aims to help keep the city well ahead in the green stakes by lobbying and advising the council on what they can do to get even more of us on our bikes.

With over a hundred fully paid-up members in just its first six months, it was the brainchild of Newcastle residents Katja Leyendecker and Claire Prospert. To make sure members’ priorities drive the campaign’s direction, the pair have called its inaugural full meeting and combined annual general meeting for Tuesday 29th March at Brunswick Methodist Church in the city.

Award-winning campaigner Claire said, “We’ve been amazed at the response – people are rightfully very proud of our city, and really want to get involved. For many of our members, having a green, cycle-friendly Newcastle is about the quality of life we have here as well as making sure that we show other cities how its done.”

The campaign’s Chair, Katja said, “We’ve only been going a few months, and we’ve worked hard to get involved with businesses, schools and the councils – both in Newcastle City and North Tyneside. They can all see the benefits of bikes, and our overall aim is to help create a real cycle-friendly city. Turning words into action!”

“But there are many avenues to this”, Katja added, “from a strategic cycle network like the London Superhighways, to 20mph zones that are so popular with residents. We want our members to decide which should be the priorities for our campaign! And that’s why we called the AGM so quickly after the campaign’s formation. There are many ways you can help us to make Newcastle a people-friendly toon.”

Anyone who cycles in and around Newcastle is welcome to join the campaign and the AGM – doors open at 6pm, and there’s even indoor parking available . . . for bikes only!

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